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Resize enclosing part cuts off the bottom of sarif font - FIXED

Question asked by leish2 on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by eric

FIXED - as I was writing this post I managed to fix my problem ... but I figured I would post anyway - for other and for my future self.  :-)



In layout mode: on the TOP most field ... I changed the "Line Spacing Height" to  1.05 lines  from  1 lines

     but wait ... it is fixed ... but something very strange occurred.

     •  I ONLY changed the top field and I did not update the theme so all of the other 18 fields below remain as they were ... and yet the "g" looks fine now on ALL of these fields !? (uhhhh, chess notation)

     •  since I don't know css or xml I can only guess that the sliding takes it's cue from the first field ???


I am on macOS 10.13.6 and using FileMaker Advanced

No idea how this would affect Windows implementations - we are all on Mac.


Anyway, If I have more to add after some more testing I will come back and edit/add to this post.


Here is the Problem:

I have a layout that has text fields that are set to slide up and to "Also resize enclosing part"

  •   there are 19 fields that slide

     • no ... I cannot merge them all into one ling calculated field


The font I am using is Gill Sans Light 10 point ... and the hanging letters (e.g., p, g, j, y) get cut off very slightly if they are on the last line.

     • These letters are fine if they are not on the last line.

     • It is very hard to notice on the letters like   p  and   y  however the "curly"  g    jumps right out at you!


And of course my client has a bunch of  "curly g's"


If I change the font to 11 point it looks fine !!   So do that you say?  Can't, I need it to be 10 point.


• I am using merge fields but if I try using regular files on the layout it does not help.

• Tried adjusting the size of the field on the layout (both merge and regular fields) - no help

• Tried adjusting the Padding - both top and bottom (together and separately.


Ta Da!!  changed the Line Spacing ever so slightly (from 1 lines  to  1.05 lines)and now my 'G's" look awesome.  :-)