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Need help tweaking Budget app to split expenses into 1-4 categories

Question asked by oklord on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2018 by eric

Have an existing FileMaker Pro 16 checkbook app with the following tables:

Per below Form, we presently can enter a transaction but would like to get the ability to split that transaction into one to four categories.


Need the following features:

Once "Expense Amount" (Number Field) is entered have that amount automatically propagate down in "Cat1 Amt" (Number Field) which is located further down the form.


User must select a Budget Category in Text Field "Cat1" from the pull down list which is next to said, "Cat1 Amt".

If user needs to split the Expense they will change the amount in "Cat1 Amt" to a lesser amount than the "Expense Amount" and move to the next row where they can pick another Budget Category in field "Cat2" from the pull-down list and then I'd like the "Cat2 Amt" Field to then propagate with the figure "Expense Amt" - "Cat1 Amt". We presently are doing this manually.





Thanks in advance!