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Can WebDirect be integrated with Salesforce UI?

Question asked by LSNOVER on Nov 22, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2018 by eric

Hi Folks:


Well, REST APIs and such are falling upon me with mass volume.   All the latest buzz words and acronyms are becoming reality.


I'm investigating the integration of my Filemaker based app. with SalesForce.   I've done some initial education and they have an interesting albeit expensive "platform", but the Lighting UI is less than a true GUI.   I digress.   I've seen DEVCON presentations and various blogs on integrating the DATA and functional parts of FIlemaker with Salesforce.  All good stuff that I need to do.  Great info. from many kind folks here.


But, it looks like you should be able to integrate other web based apps into the Salesforce UI?  I.e. I should in theory be able to have my Filemaker App. show up in the SalesForce App button and present in the Salesforce Application frame/window.   I've seen this demonstrated with other non native SalesForce apps.  Can we do this UI integration with a Filemaker WebDirect app?  


Happy Thanksgiving to my American compatriots!


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