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keeping 2 records synchronized

Question asked by gilo05 on Nov 21, 2018
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I'm trying to built a databank which I can use for my accounting.


Therefor I need to work with double entry wich means if I take 100€ from my bank account to pay gas, in my accounting has to figure


bank account -100€

gas +100€


I've managed to do this by having a recurrent relation, so I have a table entry1 and a table entry2.


On the layout based on entry1 I enter the account and the amount for example bank and -100€ and the 2nd account


example: bank; -100€; gas


With the relation I manage that FM created a second record which is changed -> gas ; +100 ; bank


so now I have 2 records:


bank; -100€ ; gas

gas ; +100€ ; bank


This is what I need.


But I have a problem, my entries do have more fields like date and description. Is there a way that if I change 1 record (like 100€ -> 105.-€), that the other changes also?


Can this be done with relations or do I need to script everything?


Right now I use portals to have a nice layout. I was wondering if this could work or if I would need to create a popup for every record which controls the different records



Thanks for your help