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FMS13 Console Download with Images hang (red spin)

Question asked by Karen on Nov 22, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2018 by Karen

I'm moving a new client from v13 to v17, and normally closing the database and downloading to zip works (and maintains image links when uploaded to the new server).

In this case, a file with an images folder that totals 40gigs is purportedly downloading, and I'm staring at this, with no temp folder appearing in the Download folder.

ScreenShot 2018-11-22 at 10.04.18 AM.jpg

Reading this article

I am going to assume as the total load exceeds 2gigs (the file, or the images?), I'm not going to have luck, and go with a Plan B; moving by hand as described here FileMakerPKB

If you folks think of any Gotchas let me know.