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FMP 17 Buy One Give One Offer?

Question asked by grampsfish on Nov 22, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2018 by maxlatitude

I recently upgraded to Mojave, and started having crashes with my FMP 13 files.


I'm a small, family run business, and version 13 fit my needs perfectly.  However, because of the crashes in Mojave, I find myself having to upgrade to version 17.


Actually, "upgrade" isn't the right word - there's no upgrade pricing to go from v13 to v17 - I have to buy a brand new license.


I see that if I buy a version 17 individual license before December 20, in addition to my license, I'll get a second one.


I'd like to find someone who also needs one single version 17 license, so we could split the cost and each pay half the $540 cost of a new license.


Any suggestions on where I might find someone?