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When script pauses are needed? Why?

Question asked by fabino on Nov 24, 2018
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I am writing some scripts and I am doing different operations, some involve opening external files in the network, some to show a wait screen while things are working in the background.


The script steps are correct but it happens that iOS devices with FM GO are not able to complete the scripts.

It seems like they just skip some steps or that they do not take the time to do all they should.


The solution to this behaviour is to add a little pause before the ignored or problematic steps.


That is a bit frustating me because happens that something that is working here, sometimes does not work on the costumer side.. and when it happens I have to search and find where to put a pause to allow the script to work and to be fully completed.


It happens that while working on my computer, with two local files opened, all seems ok but when I open the same solution from FM GO on the same LAN not all is always ok. Further more when on the costumer network, with a slower computer sharing a file on the LAN with FMP Adv, it happens again that things do not work.


For example I have issues when I create scripts that:


- open an external file and moves to all tables layouts to show all records: I have to add  a pause before any layout or the script will just miss to show all records of some tables.


- the same, when importing data from external file with import script step, I have to add a pause before import instruction or it will jump it... may be because the external file is still not ready (?)


- when I move between layouts to update information on screen, it there is no pause, it is not possible to show the new layout.


So, which could be the login and the right approch to use pauses in scripts?

Is there any rule or explanation about these behaviours of FM GO?


Isn't Filemaker completing each single script step before move and complete the next one?


I am confused.