Filemaker Go 17 slow performance on iPhone X

Discussion created by fabino on Nov 24, 2018
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I am developing a FM solution that has to be used from FM GO on iPads and iPhones. The solution file is located on the device itself.


I am now trying to have the app move faster between layouts so that the user has not to wait for the next screen.


I have so noticed that when using the "New Window" script step and Document option, the behaviour of FM GO is different on iPad and iPhone X.


It seems that when a button in a layout does open a new window, iPhone X takes about 1 second to show such new layout. On iPad, that same layout is opened immediately istead. The same happens on iPhone 6s Plus: the new layout is immediately visible.

It seems there is a Lag on the iPhone X with the last version of iOS, last version of FM GO 17 .

The iPad is a normal 9.7" of 2018, iPhone 6s Plus is the older and both looks much more fast than iPhone X.


So while trying to find a solution, I have tried to use the new window script step with the "Card" option.

With this option, the new layout is opened fast on iPhone X too.


Why is "new window document style" much more havy on iPhone X ?


Geekbech says that iphone X performance is always better of other devices.


What could be wrong?