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SQL Join two tables

Question asked by cestebanesteban on Nov 22, 2018
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I have to tables:


1- usuarios : I have the personal info of my crew (including email address that I need)

2- permisos: With the permits and proyects that the personal are working for.


I need to extract the email from the "Usuarios" table that are working in a specific proyect. - All mails from the user that are working in this proyect.

The tables are related with the same ID ("usuario numero" (from "usuarios") and "permisos_usuario" (from "permisos" table)


I´m using SQL but dont work properly.


Let (






select u.usuario_emailpersona

from usuarios u

INNER JOIN permisos p


u.usuario_numero = p.permisos_usuario



" ; "" ; "" ;  $proyect)



Thanks a lot for you help.