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Missing Filemaker Go barcode "insert from device" prompt

Question asked by zack_fmform on Nov 24, 2018
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Hello. I'm trying to use Filemaker Go 16 to read a QR code and find a record with that info as its primary key. I can't get this to run as a script, but I have basic success with the iOS manual insert option. Scripted, I think I'm getting hung up on step one, getting an iPad to read the code.


When I trigger a script with a button, Insert from Device is my first step, but the iPad never prompts the camera. It just tells me that "No records match this find criteria" which makes sense, since it never gets the input for the find. Here's my script:


Insert from Device [ GEARBUY::memory ; Type: Bar Code ; Camera: Back; Resolution: Full

Set Variable [ $pid ; Value: GEARBUY:: memory ]

Perform Find [ Restore ]

Go to Layout ["TESTING PARTS" (GEARBUY) ; Animation: No ]


I tested it by manually entering a record primary key ID in the "memory" field, and it took me to that record as expected (but without triggering a camera scan).


I've also manually tapped a field in FM Go and picked Insert > Barcode and then was prompted with the iOS camera/barcode reader sequence. I can read QR codes with this process and insert the data in a field.


I'm using Filemaker Go 16... I assume that is supposed to match FM16 match but found no conclusive info about FM Go 16 versus 17 in App Store.


Thanks for any thoughts.