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how to open filemaker pro maximized - cover the desktop.

Question asked by Bzhu on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by Bzhu

Hi,  I'm using FMPro 14 advance. windows 10, 64bit.

so far, i'm trying to open filemaker pro maximize to cover the whole desktop, without much success. I have a startup script 'onFirstwindow open' to maximize the window.

My FMpro solution just opens to the size of the fmpro window. If my Fmpro window is maximized, then my solution window will open to maximize. If my fmpro window is restored down (unmaximized), then my solution window will open to fit the fmpro main window.

So, i came across other developers with problem maximizing the window. My question is a little different.

Is there a way to maximize Filemaker pro window when opening?


Am i making any sense? Thank you for your attention.