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What makes a PSOS script not find a record?

Question asked by SamRiggleman on Nov 24, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2018 by wimdecorte

I'm just starting to use PSOS scripts more heavily, but I'm not understanding some of the behavior I'm seeing. I'm passing a parameter from the user triggered script to the server script, and I've confirmed that's working, but a simple find in the server script is not always able to find the record. Sometimes it does, but most of the time it doesn't. Do you know what would cause this?


1) I have the line below on my file's "OnFirstWindowOpen" script

If [ Position ( Get( ApplicationVersion ) ; "Server" ; 1 ; 1 ) > 0 ]

       Exit Script [ ]

End If

2) I've confirmed that the ID parameter I'm passing has been received via log messages in the PSOS script.

3) I get Error 101 that record cannot be found when the Find is performed at the top of the server side script, but I've logged into that user's account and am able to perform the same find with the same ID and find the record.

4) One time I got error 301 for multi-user access, but most of the time it is error 101.


Scripts Attached Below:

SubmitBinCount = User Triggered Script

PSOS_SubmitBinCount = Server Side Script


Here are the contrasting log records from one that works and one that doesn't:


Bin Count User Submission

ID User Start:4BE4238E-1C59-4A97-8D80-886ECD9610C9

ID Passed:4BE4238E-1C59-4A97-8D80-886ECD9610C9

Bin Count PSOS

ID Received:4BE4238E-1C59-4A97-8D80-886ECD9610C9

Records Found: 1

Order Number: 466

Last Error: 0

Last Error Detail:

Status: Submitted




Bin Count User Submission

ID User Start:BEEC0F31-2817-534F-83D4-A9368127262B

ID Passed:BEEC0F31-2817-534F-83D4-A9368127262B

Bin Count PSOS

ID Received:BEEC0F31-2817-534F-83D4-A9368127262B

Records Found: 0

Order Number:

Last Error: 101

Last Error Detail:




Appreciate your help!!