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GoDaddy SSL FMS17- orange lock (UPDATE)

Question asked by NicoChiaro on Nov 24, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by LucThomaere

Hello everyone,


At first: I really hate to have to come here and ask for help in a topic with hundreds of entries, but I am failing all along and I spent 10+ hours divided on 5+ "lets try it again today" sessions.


First few hours where:

Fail, Research, Reissue, Fail, Research, Reissue, Reissue, Reissue, ---

I turned out that also sells "starfield" certificates (of which I had one)- so first thing to every newbie out there going with godaddy: godaddy is not equal to godaddy. Best you can get with that one is "marked as trusted".

By saying you can use go daddy they actually not mean a certificate from the site, but a certificate from godaddy on the godaddy site. And yes you have to figure that out on your own!


Back to my issue:

I had a green lock for 10 days now. Achieving the green lock was like heaven.. It turned orange again two days ago and ever since I don't find any issues or any potential error I might have done.

I did not change anything in my setup.


What I already tried:

I did follow the exact steps.

I did put the exact FQDN in my "Host" Input Field.

I have an A-Type Entry for my Domain Name. (I also have a * and an empty Entry - can this cause any issues?)

I have tried using those certificates like go daddy brings them, which worked fine (for 10 days).

I have tried renaming them from "gd_bundle-g2-g1.crt" and "someRandomChars.crt" to "chain.pem" and "myDomainName.crt" as suggested here: FileMakerPKB


Filemaker Support suggested to double check the intermediate certificate "syntax". But what should I check here ? Looks the same all the time. 3 certifcates concatenated.


I got the feedback (under the lock icon), that I have a name mismatch. Which I don't.

no www. no other subdomain involved.


I even tried deleting every associated certificate in my keychain. This helped in a way that now it is "valid" (green checkbox sign when I open it) again but still the lock is orange.


Ah and there is one thing I have to mention which I don't get my head around:

in my browser I find the certificate issued by "Starfield Secure Certificate Authority - G2"

in my solution it is issued by "Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority - G2"

Is there some brute force reset needed ? This seems to be a relict from back then.


I am running out of ideas and threads to read.


Is there one more thing to try ? Please tell me

And one more thing: How can I be sure it works and doesn't turn back to orange again in 2 weeks ?


Thanks a lot in advance- a lot of questions I know