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FM Server - client machine can ping host but FM connection fails 

Question asked by on Nov 26, 2018
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I'm having huge difficulty getting FileMaker Server 17 to work. The server operating system is Windows Server 2016. The client PC is Windows 10. The software installs OK but when I use FM Pro 17 client to connect remotely, I can't connect. I see the server under "Local Hosts" but when I click on the host name, after a minute or so I just get the message "connection failed".


A ping to the host local IP address is successful so there is definitely a local area network connection.


There is a Sophos hardware Firewall in place and I thought this was the culprit. But when I disconnect it, it made no difference.


Ports required to be open for LAN connectivity from Pro to Server are, unless I am mistaken, 80, 443 and 5003. When the Firewall is put back in, I know I will need ports to be open. But as I say, even without, there is only a "failed connection" message.


If it pings OK, what could be the problem? This is very very urgent so any help very much appreciated.