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New Window Script Step -> Very Slow on iPhone X

Question asked by fabino on Nov 26, 2018
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FileMaker Go Bug: slower on iPhone X when new window script step is used


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iOS 12.1


iphone X


Description of the issue


I am developing on FMP Adv and I am running my solution on FileMaker Go 17.0.3.

Mobile Devices are all using iOS version 12.1.


I am testing on:


- iphone 5s

- iphone 6s Plus

- iphone X

- iPad 9.7" 2018


FM application seems slower on iPhone X.

The problem become more visible when I use the "New Window" Script step and I set the option to "Document" or "Floating Document" or "Dialog".


When you hit the button that opens the script with "new window" step, iPhone X takes one second before the action is performed.

Other iOS devices, even the older iphone 5s, immediately show the new window instead.


I have restored the iPhone X to factory settings but nothing has changed.

I have instelled FM Go 16, no difference.

I have created a new solution to test "new window" script step behaviour only, no change.


I am attaching here the test file to replicate the issue.


The only option that works well is "Card" that immediately shows up on iphone X too.


So there could be a problem with FM GO and iPhone X or my iPhone could have some kind of issue.


All graphic feels slower on iPhone X.


How to replicate

Create a script that uses the command "New Window" with the option "Document". Create a button that calls such script. In browse mode, from iPhone X, tap on the button: it will take about 1 second to generate the new window.

Attached file can be used for this kind of test.



You can set the "New Window" option to "Card" and then iphone X will open window fast. The problem is that the card window is smaller: you cannot use all iphone X screen width and height.