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Script and Barcode reader

Question asked by mrcmrc on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by Reid Larson

I'm using FM15 Advanced on a Mac and need help with building a script that involves using a barcode reader (a TaoTronics TT-BS014).


The script has the following steps:


Go to Field [ Maga::Barcode ]

Enter Find Mode [ Pause: Off ]


If I run this script FM goes in Find mode and position the cursor on the Barcode field, I can use the barcode reader to scan a barcode and enter it in the field and perform find.

I don't need any further step like "Perfom find" because when I press the barcode reader button it scan the code and then is like pressing an "enter" key, because - after the script - I see the found record but I'm in Browse mode (not in Find mode).

My problem is that I wish to perform an action on the found record: I wish to set a field with a custom content (Set Field). But any instruction I insert after the two steps above happen 'while' the find and not after.


E.G.: If I enter as third step


Set Field [ Maga::Status ; "in house" ]


FM add that to my find (and do not find anything), do not perform the command after the find.


Any idea on how to bypass this problem?


- Marco.