Filemaker Data API licence expiration

Discussion created by mbeck65 on Nov 26, 2018
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Hello everybody,

some days ago I started to have an issue on my Filemaker Server (v. that give me the following error:

* 701 - FileMaker Data API Engine abnormal termination

followed some minutes later by the followin error:

* 701 - Web Publishing Engine abnormal termination


This kind of behaviour appears when an user logged in to a Filemaker application via browser activates the following script:



By watch more in depth, I have found something strange in the FMS's log files: it seems there's a licence problem with Data API that seems to be expired...

Could you please help me to understand the reason of this behaviour never apperead before?

I don't remember, when we buyed FMS licence, that we should pay something for this Data API Engine but maybe I'm wrong...


Thanks for your support.