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Making a report include people that did not attend.

Question asked by tap4pat on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by Jason Wood

If you have a list of members and you track events they attend in another table, how do you make a report showing the people that did not attend any events? I am writing a solution to track the hours of volunteers in a traffic management team. The rules are that everyone must attend at least two events a month.


I have a Callout Table that tracks events by name and date, then I have a Member table that has each members information (like a contact table), and then I have a Responder table that tracks the hours during the event (enroute time, arrival time, and clear time). I have been able to make a report that shows each member that has responded to events, how many they responded to, and the number of hours they volunteered.


My problem is the people who did not respond. How do I get them into my report showing that they did not attend any events, and thus have 0 hours?