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Creating a folder based on my save field information.

Question asked by cmliadmin on Nov 26, 2018
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I currently have a function in FMS15 where reports are created and saved using fields from our database:


"filewin:/D:/DATA/Emailed Reports/" & G_Company_Name_Display: & "/" & GetAsText ( G_Permit_Number: ) & "/" & GetAsText ( Year ( Date_Analyzed_Display: ) ) & "/" & GetAsText ( MonthName ( Date_Analyzed_Display: ) ) & "/" & File_Name


I would like to know if FM could create folders and the save the files using that information within the script.


The original directory "D:/DATA/Emailed Reports/" is always the same, but everything that follows is based on data it finds when creating the PDF's from our database.


I would like FM to automatically create the folder if it does not find one. Currently when it does not find a folder it stalls and waits for the folder to be created and I click the 'continue' button to continue with my scripts. Often this delay causes FM to lock up and I have to start this 4+ hour process over again. This is extremely inefficient and I feel like there has to be a better way.


Any help or questions that may lead to answers are welcome.


Thank you!