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macOS runtime compatibility

Question asked by motus on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by codecruncher

Is there a list or any info about what versions of macOS/OSX a runtime will works on? If i complile a runtime in FileMaker Pro 17 will the runtime only work on officially supported systems for FMP17 (macOS Sierra & High Sierra), or will

it work older versions too? I developed the app in FMP15 so was thinking maybe continue Compiling the runtime in FMP15 for users of OS X Yosemit/el capitan/Sierra and compile a high Sierra(and Mojave?) version in FMP17.


longer term I know I’m going to have to redevelop this on another atform unless FileMalert decide to bring in a new feature to replace this, but for now I want to keep my runtime app available to users on as many OS X/macOS systems as possible.


(I can’t get users to just upgrade to the latest OS as they are external users who usually keep older os’s so as to remain comparable with a wide range of slowly updated software.)