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Duplicate a Tab in its totallity

Question asked by fawzikds on Nov 26, 2018
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Is there away to duplicate a layout with all the scripts and tables associated with it?

i know this may sound a bit lazy, but i think it is a bit more efficient.

e.g. I have a database for my company and i have a tab layout with one of its tads that handles the company's Hardware (desktops, laptops etc).  Of course this layout is has other tables and scripts associated with it.

Now i want to do the same thing, but this time for my list of software.  Which would be almost identical to the Hardware layout in terms of scripts (well at least the scripts i currently have), databases, triggers, etc, with minor renaming and maybe some additional fields.

So it will be much faster for me to just duplicate the hardware tab and everything that it appears in and rename it as software, then go fine tune the newly created software tab.


is there such an ability in FM?