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Moving from Development to Full Environment

Question asked by J_File on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by Andy Hibbs

Hi all,


I have been working on my FileMaker app for what seems like a lifetime. Come the New Year, I am ready to migrate off my development server (local Mac Pro running FM Server 16) to the full server.


Obviously, this is a big step as it is going from me just building it, to allowing multiple people to access it and populate it with real data which is both exciting (it's what I built it for!) and rather terrifying at the same time.


I built my app using the file separation model. This was to allow me to potentially work on new features on a development version in a testing environment, before replacing the UI file and then updating the tables in the data file at some ungodly hour when no-one else will be working on it. My question is:


'Should I retain my Mac Pro as my development machine, or when I get to this stage, am I better offworking solely on the main server' i.e. run the 2 x sets of files off the same server, but obviously restrict access to my dev version?


I did have a concern about my local one and transfering files from local to datacentre based main server, but I guess that having split it into 2 files, the UI file is always going to be very light, and the data file I use for development does not have to replicate the actual data file on the main server, so that can also be light as well.


Any advice, tips etc gratefully accepted.