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Exporting different field names than is used in the database?

Question asked by dhertz on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by beverly

I'm fairly new with Filemaker and trying to determine if there is a way to export an Excel spreadsheet that contains different field names than those listed in Filemaker.  (Same data - different field names).  We have two other systems in use here that I need to import data into via Excel files, but they have field naming requirements for the import that don't match up with the field names in Filemaker - and each is slightly different so I can't just change the names in Filemaker.  At the moment, I'm exporting a spreadsheet and then manually copying and pasting the different field names (from a separate Excel template file I created) into the exported spreadsheet from FileMaker.  That's not a terrible solution, but it would sure be handy if there was a way to script Filemaker to change the field names on export so I could save a few manual steps each time. 


I've considered creating a separate table with the different field names and mirroring the data from one field to the other across the tables, but not sure if that's the best solution. 


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.