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How to create the "one" in a one-to-many relationship

Question asked by pm125 on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by beverly

I have records containing video clips for various patients. Each patient's name can appear in several records in the table (Clips), e.g.:


Lastname1, Firstname1, Clip 1

Lastname1, Firstname1, Clip 2

Lastname2, Firstname2, Clip 1

Lastname2, Firstname2, Clip 2

Lastname2, Firstname2, Clip 3


I want to create a separate table (Patients) that consists of the last-first names, with a relationship of one last-first name in the table Patients to many clips in the table Clips.


What is the best way to create the Patients table? I can imagine a script that goes through each record in Clips, checks whether the Last-First name exists in Patients, and creates a record in patients if it does not yet exist. Is there a more direct method?


I would like users to be able to see a record for a given patient, view or enter clinical information for that patient, and see a list of video clips they can select for viewing.