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Am I locked out of my solution forever?

Question asked by jprince on Nov 26, 2018
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Hello all. I come to you in desperation. Been working on a solution for a while... here's the dilemma.


I created a looping script. specifically, this one:



Set variable ($Today; Table1::Date)

Exit Loop if: $Today = get(CurrentDate)


New Record

Set field (Table1::Date = $Today + 1)

End Loop


The purpose was to create a new record for every day. And if I miss a day and don't open the solution, this script would automatically create records for all days in between today and the last day I logged in / i.e. created a record.


PROBLEM: I was negligent and didn't fix an error message which kept coming up when I opened the file. In File Options I have a "OnFirstWindowOpen" script trigger opening up to a now-NONEXISTENT table (but it doesn't matter because it's a dashboard containing only buttons directing to other layouts). So the error message would read, basically, "...can't be complete... no related table." (picture attached.)


When I applied my loop script to "Table1" (not related to Dashboard, but a button from Dash to "Table1" exists) via "OnLayoutEnter" Script trigger, the loop for some reason applies. Therefore I get the attached error message ad infinitum. "Ok" > loop runs automatically > "Ok" etc.... Is there a way out of this error which I brought upon myself? I have an older version of the solution I have archived but it's quite old at this point.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much