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fmps 11.0.5 on osx 10.6.8, planned jobs dont start

Question asked by kapitaen on Nov 27, 2018
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Hi all,

i just have move my old filemaker server adv to a brand new ;-) mac mini 2.1 late 2007 with osx 10.6.8. Yes, really such an old machine, please don´t laugh.


All works perfect, with one exception...


I have four planned jobs (in german: Zeitpläne) to make backups of my filemaker files to an internal and an external disk, on a daily and a monthly base.


When starting these planned jobs immediately by hand (einen Zeitplan jetzt ausführen), they work perfectly.

Or when i set the time plans in a way so that the plans get active while the Server Admin console is still active, all works perfectly.


But ... when i exit the Server admin console, and log off the user so that i see the osx logon screen, all timeplans will abort with the error message:


FileMaker Server auf MacMiniFMPSA.local hat folgendes Ereignis gemeldet:


2018-11-27 14:20:00.323 +0100 Fehler 642 MacMiniFMPSA.local Zeitplan "Täglich 32x 0100" abgebrochen. Unerwarteter Fehler. (20405)


So what can i do so that the planned jobs will run, even with admin console exited and user logged off?



Greetings from germany