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Here I go again.  Question about Thumbnails.

Question asked by tippin on Nov 27, 2018
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Hello Community.  Again, more detail than necessary, but anyway...


About six years ago, I decided to step away from the business community and become a golf professional.  I became absolutely obsessed with building the perfect golf swing.  Up before dawn watching video seeking out instruction, hours of practice - well you get the idea.


Now that I've returned to the world of business running a growing company, apparently I've now found a new obsession - FILEMAKER. The pattern continues - up before dawn, videos, reading, experimenting...


Thanks to this Community, my server is up and running, my first two apps are operational (but by no means done - will they ever be?) . Temporarily bored with the first two apps, a new idea came to mind.


Our business until recently has been run out of my partners head.  Nothing really documented, stored or accessible.  I thought FMPA would be the perfect resource to create a "document storage app" where all kinds of files could be stored, referenced and easily found when needed.  Creating the first layout where a document can be placed into a container field along with other files to contain the document owner, file name, date and a brief description, was easy enough.  Here is where I am struggling now (and again I am sure there is an obvious solution that I just haven't come across yet).


I would like to create a second layout that would display a listing of all of the documents, photos, drawings, etc stored in the database, along with a thumbnail image of the document from the original container field.


I've had no luck with the thumbnail image (although I found a reference to it in the "Addendum" app I downloaded on my iPhone, which I might get to work - I will be trying when I get this lengthy question posted), and I can only get the current record to display where I would like the list to appear on the new layout.


I think Filemaker is versatile enough to do what I want - I just haven't found (or found where to look for) how to get this layout to perform as wanted.


The attached PDF file shows what I envision the layout to look like - anyone willing to help me out?