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Customer % of Sales

Question asked by leeair on Nov 28, 2018
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I have tables for customers, sales orders, and quotes. In the sales order table I have a summary field for the total sales dollar value and in the quotes table a summary field for total quotes dollar value. I have created a customer report layout based on the customer table displaying customer information, a portal of sales order history, and a portal of quote history. The sales order portal and quote portal correctly displays the summary fields for the total dollar values for the specific customer.


What I can't display correctly is a field showing the percentage of total sales dollar value divided by total quotes dollar value. An example, Customer A has total sales order dollar value of $248,360 and total quotes dollar value of $1,571,409. The correct percentage result should be 15.8%. However, creating a calculation field in the sales order table dividing the two summary fields the displayed percentage shows 22076%. I also created a calculation field using the GetSummary function to divide the two summary fields but the result is a blank field.


I am clearly missing something simple.....