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Cannot get all related records

Question asked by zehuze on Nov 28, 2018
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I have 2 tables:

A. Users - User ID,Name..,volunteering roles IDs (text field)

B. Volunteering roles ID (number),role description

A user can volunteer for several roles

Relationship: A.volunteering roles IDs=B.ID. Note that the volunteering roles IDs is one text field per user which contains all the volunteering roles IDs as list.


Example: user ID 123 ; volunteering field:






I go to the B, and from there to related records on A(Users) - that is, I want to get a list of all users per volunteering role.

But the system would only show me those users who chose only that role as a single role.

Same goes with exporting roles and related users.

I tried forcing that connection by adding a portal on B of all related records from A, but even the portal shows only those related users which chose only one volunteering option e.g. 7 but not



I changed the B.Volunteering roles ID from number to text, to no avail.

Why is it happening?

I do manage to get all volunteering roles per each user.

Thank you