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Internal Root Certification

Question asked by powersystem on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by destroid

We have internal root certificates (Enterprise Company) on our managed Mac's and Window machines, which are stored on the systems keychain.


So we set up FileMaker Server 16/17 with certificated based on this roots, created on our internal certification instance.

After importing the created certificates ( with intermediate certificate) everything looks fine.

(our server is only used internal)


The problem is as follows:

Connecting with Windows clients we get a green lock, which is fine.

Connection with Mac clients we got a orange lock (crossed). Checking the certificate everything ist ok.


It looks that the Mac client (tested with 16/17) does not check the keychain on the system to verify the certificates.


I have to copy our root certificates manually into the application packet (deep in the Support.framework).

Then I got the green lock.


I think this is a bug, because FileMaker client (on Mac) has to check the keychain for verifikation, too.