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A specific Portal record / field copied to another field

Question asked by cbastian on Nov 27, 2018
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Hi All,


First timer here...


I have an inquiries table related to a financial_aid (FA) table via an key field of inquiryID.  One inquiry can have many FA records.  I created a field in inquires called activeFA_grant.  I need this field to contain the current years FA Award (if there is one).  I can find the correct FA record in the FA table by searching inquiryID & currentAcademicYear. 


How do I go about this?  When I pseudo code it some sort of script it looks like this:


Find all current inquiries

Loop Start

     Go to the first inquiry and see if they have a current FA record in the FA table

     If they do copy FAAmount to activeFA_grant

Loop End (exit when finished)


I need activeFA_grant to be used in all sorts of other calculations.  In playing around I was able to use a portal filter to display the correct information, but I don't know if that result can be used in other calculations.


Thanks in advance!