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Peer to Peer FM14 to FM17

Question asked by user24809 on Nov 28, 2018
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I have a database that has ran on FM14 for a few years but now wish to add access from another computer having recently acquired an FM17 license via peer-to-peer.

The database is running on Win10 FM17, with the original FM14 Pro still installed.

The additional computer is Win10 with FM14 (same license key).

When trying to connect from the new FM14 to the FM17 db I get error CanNot Connect.


When trying this using a temporary second FM17 (different license key) it connects up as expected.

Would the FM14 on the main computer, even though it is not running, cause this to happen?

I rather not uninstall FM14 yet until I've fully tested the db running on FM17.