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PDF opening in Adobe Reader rather than container field

Question asked by tflannery on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by tflannery

I'm using FMPA 16.  I have a container field that acts as a Preview Report field.  User clicks a button to view report in the container field. Button runs script to save report as PDF and inserts it into the container field. Has been working fine for months.


This week I had an issue with NitroPDF which I use outside of Filemaker.  I use Adobe Reader DC for my FM container fields.  Again, this setup has been working perfectly until yesterday I uninstalled NitroPDF and upgraded to the current version.  After this, no matter if I set Nitro or Adobe as the default PDF program in Win10 settings, my FM container field would show my PDF preview report using NitroPDF but it would be frozen i.e. I could not print or save - NitroPDF toolbar wasn't functioning.  I am assuming NitroPDF isn't compatible with FileMaker? 


So, I completely uninstalled NitroPDF and Adobe Reader.  I downloaded Adobe Reader again and did fresh install.  Now, when I try to preview the report in the container, the report opens in Adobe Reader - not in my container field.  I have not changed anything with my scripts or field settings so not sure why this is happening.


I have searched the forums for this issue and haven't come across anything like this problem.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it back functioning properly?