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Question asked by shanebowlin on Nov 28, 2018
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In October I posted a question to the community about how to proceed after loosing support from the developer of Shopkeeper.


After spending the last month teaching myself how to develop an app with FMP I'm beginning to question whether this old dog can learn this new trick. I'm going to keep at it but it's going to be a long haul.


In the interim I would like to retain the services of someone who can help me on an as needed basis if I have any problems with Shopkeeper or need any new features.


The person who developed Shopkeeper appears to have dropped off the earth, the website was shut down, the domain name was sold, the telephone numbers were disconnected and I have been unable to get ahold of him to acquire a release. It appears he has no interest in the app any more.


I have the unlock code for the app. I live in Alaska and would like to have someone lined up that I can call as needed.


If there are any developers out there that can help me I would appreciate an email providing contact information and a brief description of your experience with FMP. I hope this request doesn't run afoul of forum rules. Thank You.


Shane Bowlin