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Database Relationships and Value Lists

Question asked by user2148484 on Nov 29, 2018
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Hi everyone.


I have a database with customer and contact details.


I have linked the contact to the customer table through the customerID key. This seems to work fine when I create the contact record through the portal that I have on the customer form.


However when I try and add a contact via the contact form I am trying to use a value list of customers names to force a selection from valid customers via a dropdown field.


On a new contact record the list is empty, but if the contact was already created through the customer form then the list is populated with all possible customers.


I'm assuming this is something to do with the relationship link between the contact and customer tables but was hoping that there was a way of always allowing the value list to be populated with all customers so that during the creation of a new contact it can only be linked to a valid customer record.


Is this possible?