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Settings for number fields: a huge headache

Question asked by planteg on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2018 by planteg

Hi all,


I am banging my head on the wall. Here is the setup :


  • FMPA 17 latest version, running on macOS Sierra
  • FMS 17 latest version, running on macOS Sierra (my own computer)
  • Linux server


The app I am working on uses separation model :


  • the back end, with the data, is hosted on FMS17
  • the front end is located on the Linux server


I open the front end from my iMac. For a specific layout, I use a local table - this way every user will have it's own set of data. That local table is fed inside a script from data in the back end file.


I hope you still follow me.


Both the front end (Linux server) and back end files (FMS) are set in File > Options to 'Always use System Settings'. Then there should be not problem - my System settings use the comma as the decimal separator.


The script gets the data from the back end and set fields with repetitions to display a nice table. Thing is I get this:



See the nice ? Clicking in a field I get



How come is there a dot instead of a comma. ?