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Crashing and lags with ESS MS SQL connection (FMPA/Server 17)

Question asked by user29167 on Nov 29, 2018
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I am just now (for the first time) trying to get ESS to work with a SQL Server table on a different server.  The table holds about 3300 records.  I have the link working fine and am pulling the records into a list layout.  However, when I scroll the view, FIlemaker pauses with an hourglass and many of the records show "?" for all fields.  A few times, FMP has crashed completely.


Does this result from lack of resources on the FIlemaker Server, bandwidth from the client to the server, or some faulty SQL driver?  I wouldn't expect 3000 records to choke like this.


Still a little confused on the data flow when using Filemaker Server and a Filemaker client and the purpose of the ODBC on the server.