Filemaker licensing query

Discussion created by amitkt9 on Nov 29, 2018
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I have some query regarding Filemaker licensing.


We are currently having a Filemaker PRO as well as Filmmaker server but looking for decommission of Filemaker server in future.

The reason we want to decommission the Filemaker server is, we have only two users who are using Filemaker PRO and just for two users we don't want to maintain the  Filmmaker server.


We have just historic data, and is used for view only. No addition or modification of data but the database is on Filemaker server, so we are planning to move  and configure Filemaker Server database to Filemaker client machine and decommission the Filemaker server machine. Filemaker client machines just having Filemaker PRO software.


I am wondering if there is any licence cost associated with Filemaker server database. Can we move Filemaker database on Filemaker client machine provided that we pay the licence cost for Filemaker client not for Filmmaker server.