Need help locating and editing a "hidden" equivalency table

Discussion created by rusmuscat on Nov 29, 2018
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Hello, I am new to this forum, so please be patient with me. :-)


An FMP developer created a bi-lingual (English-Russian) database in FMP11 (Mac OS) to manage thousands of music titles. If I import a spreadsheet with certain English titles, the database converts the data to Russian.


There is a field, title_ru which “learns” from previous imports. So, once a title “Minuet” is imported and its equivalent Russian form “Менуэт” is stored, every subsequent imported “Minuet” will convert to “Менуэт” in title_ru.


The problem I’m having is that, the first time “Minuet” got imported, the Russian title was entered as “No. 6 - Менуэт” (it was No. 6 in a group of pieces). So now, every time an English “Minuet” is imported, the title_ru shows up as “No. 6 - Менуэт”. This is just one example. There are a number of such incorrect equivalencies that are quite annoying, requiring manual correction.


The field definition for title_ru shows as “Indexed, Auto-enter Calculation” and the formula is title_ru = EquivalencyTitleIncipit 2::title_ru. However, I cannot find the table “EquivalencyTitleIncipit”, which shows up in the chart of Relationships and clearly holds the key.


I am a long-time FMP user, but I haven’t kept up with some of the more sophisticated relational features of later versions. And my developer is on the other side of the globe and no longer accessible. How can I:


a) see where the English-Russian equivalencies are stored and edit them

b) make the edits permanent, so that the old “No. 6 - Mенуэт” data, which seems to be ‘stuck’ somewhere in the database, no longer shows up, but simply shows up as “Mенуэт”


I would be happy to share my database with someone who would be willing to poke around in it and figure out what’s going on.


Thank you.