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Viewing a PDF from Container Field

Question asked by deanchampeau on Nov 29, 2018



I have a container field that I put PDFs into using an Insert PDF script step. The field is set to "interactive". Then I have a FileMaker Go app that can view that container field. The pinch-to-zoom feature on iOS allows a limited amount of zoom on the PDF inside the container. To get more control over zoom, Go users can press on the PDF in the field, bringing up an Actions menu with a View command that "opens" the PDF in a new window that allows lots the user to zoom in very closely on the content of the PDF. This is great, but the problem is that same Actions menu has a Delete command, which I definitely don't want Go users to do. I tried adjusting the privilege set so it wouldn't allow deletion, but that doesn't seem to work. I also can't see any way to invoke that "high-res" viewer with a script step... There apparently is no script step that is analogous to the View action in FM Go.


What's a good way to get PDFs in container fields to open or be viewable in such a way that users can zoom in on the content?