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Where is that button?

Question asked by DaisyDoll on Nov 29, 2018
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I am trying to find the relative locations of a button and a field. Using the FieldBounds function and the GetLayoutObjectAttribute function I can get coordinates for my field and my button. However, it appears that the field coordinates are based on the upper left corner of my layout, whereas the button coordinates are based on the upper left corner of my monitor. When I move my window around, the relative positions of the field and button appear to change.  My goal is to locate the field just below the button using the relative position of the two. How do I do that if my starting point isn't the same for each? I could re-position the window, which aligns the y axis, but the x axis is dependent on how many tool bars and rulers are open a the top of the window.  I tried pulling a list of layout objects and found it had a lot of list values that were not object names. Does anyone have any ideas about how to solve this problem?