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Managing Password across multiple FM Files.

Question asked by user28271 on Nov 29, 2018
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So far I have kept my entire solution within a single file.


For a while I have been wanting to break it up, but managing users was something I didn't to deal with.


But now I have no choice.


I have a client that has an existing FM system they want me to integrate into mine.


So what did was:


     Link the two files.

     Write a series of scripts that will create a matching user in the other file.

     User are setup with 12345 as default password which they are required to change.


Now when user login they get prompted twice, which confuses them, and then if they fail to set the same password for both logins they get prompted twice every time they log in.


No I know that...

     - I can use OD or AD to manage access.  But it is not for me to require a client add this service.

     - I can have FileMaker set the instead of the user.  But that is something user are accustom to being able to do.


So if anyone has thought about this I would love to hear them.