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Question asked by ben_stallwood on Dec 3, 2018
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Completely new to SSL Certs. I have managed to complete all the steps of generating a request etc. and sending of to our CA which is CSC.


I have received 4 files back:


  • My_Domain.CCC
  • AddTrustExteneralCARoot.CCC
  • TrustedSecureCertificateAuthority5.CCC
  • USERTrustRSAAddTrustCA.CCC


I think I rightly assumed I need to merge all but My_Domain.CCC into a chainfile of sorts so copy and pasted using a text editor in to a single .CCC and added that as my intermediate certificate file.


Uploaded with no errors and the server console appears to correctly show all the details of the SSL.


However after a restart of the Filemaker Service client connections are all displaying an "Orange" padlock. Via the browsers Firefox/Chrome I get a non-secure connection warning, however Internet Explore is returning as "Secured".


What am I doing wrong ?


Regards Ben