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Need to Get A Count Of Different Number of Dates

Question asked by tap4pat on Dec 1, 2018
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I have two tables. A training table and a callout table. The callout table tracks the event name and the date. The date is also tracked in the training table. The training table has questions, answers, Unit Number, comments. So the only field from the callout table is the event name. I am trying to get a sum of the different days a person was trained. So for Unit 519 it should be 1, but the sum is counting the number of dates, not different dates. Likewiset he count for Unit 520 should be three, but the Summary by Count is counting each record as a different date so six. The training table is a portal in my callout layout, thus I thought the best thing would be to make a report based on the Training Table. My Callout Table is Related to my Training Table with the Callout Primary Key and the Training Foreign Key, since there are several Training records (in a portal in the Callout Form) in the Callout Form. The best thing would be to count the Occurances of the Callout Primary Key occurrences. I think that is where I am stuck.


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