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Conditional portal field format issue

Question asked by garyjones on Dec 3, 2018
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I have a conditional formatting and portal issue that I have not seen before.


I have a portal in which is listed emails. I have a transparent button running over the portal line fields, which when clicked refreshes a window view on the right to show the email content.


In addition, I want to group this with a second button the action of which is to change the text format from bold to normal and vice versa if clicked again. similar to the read/unread process in Outlook etc.


To facilitate this there is a field in the corresponding table called ReadStatus, that is driven by a script attached to the second button. ReadStatus defaults to zero but changes to 1 when the second button is clicked (removing the default bold formatting) and back to zero again if re-clicked (thereby returning the text to a bold format).


The script is this -



The conditional formatting script attached to the relevant portal fields is -


If (preferences__EMAIL__cart__srt::ReadStatus=1;1;0) - where the Bold format tick box is unchecked so that it changes the field font formatting when an entry in the ReadStatus field is equal to 1 (or at least that's what i thought would happen).


The two issues I am seeing are;


1). The ReadStatus field content doesn't always change from 1 to 0, or vice versa, when the second button is first clicked.


2). In every instance, once the ReadStatus field is equal to 1, the bold element of the font formatting does not change.


All fields etc are within the same table as the defined portal table relationship.


All and any help appreciated as always.


Thanks very much.