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Removing Blank space in fields on Report

Question asked by tippin on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by philmodjunk

Here I go again...


App is working as hoped.  Needed to create a new layout with additional fields to be completed during field inspection of projects.


Created a report layout that has six separate text fields, with each able to contain anywhere between a single line and possibly up to 25 or more individual lines within each field.


The idea is to have the layout saved as PDF for printing or emailing the individual record.


I searched online and came up with the "Sliding & Visibility" option on the inspector.  Selected to remove blank space as follows:


  • Sliding up based on:
    • Only objects directly above
  • Also resize enclosing part


From what I had read, when the PDF file was created, I was hoping to see the text fields on the report expanded to show all text (when containing large number of lines of text) or the fields shortened to just the one or two lines of text when that is what the field contained.


My attempt at a script to create the PDF file is as follows:


Go to Layout ["Frame Check Report" (Production Table November); Animation: None]

Save Records as PDF [Restore; With dialog: On; Current record; Create directories: Off]

Go to Layout ["Status Tracker" ) Production Table November); Animation; None]


I'm guessing either I have misinterpreted what the Sliding & Visibility option actually does, or have used it incorrectly or incompletely.


Anyone interested in laying out a little guidance or comment?