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Email Issues

Question asked by on Dec 3, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by schamblee

Our office has recently changed to the exchange email server since Mac will no longer be supporting an email server in the future. Since we have made the switch, I have been unable to send emails from our FileMaker client. On the server I have indicated that it is the exchange server with the TLS and we receive any notification emails from the server. However, if I make the same changes to the send mail scripts, I receive a 1506 error if I try to email through the SMTP settings and if I just try to email through the email client, I just get an error that says "some of the files that are needed are either damaged or have not been installed". Can anyone tell me how to correct the issue for one or the other? The email settings for the server has port 587 and the correct SMTP server address. We have also changed from Mac mail to outlook and I have made outlook my default program and I cannot seem to email at all. We are running FM 17.

We also have the MBS plugin to send emails but I am not really clear on how to set that up. I'm just hoping someone can help me send out our email reminders!


Thank you so much in advance.