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Count Alerts Without Duplicates

Question asked by hifromkevin on Dec 3, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by philmodjunk

This is my first post to the Filemaker Community! I am excited to begin working with all of you!


I am working on creating a form that counts how many times the alerts on our projects are sent. There are three alerts: E-Draft Sent, E-Final Delivered, and Final Shipped. The counts are for each user we select within a certain date range.


This form is on the home table, and has a relationship to our alerts table based on the staff person, date range, and the type of alert. Our goal is to count each time one alert is sent. However, our alert goes out to more than one person, and it is not always a consistent number of people receiving the alert. This is causing our numbers to be incorrect (for example, if one E-Draft Sent alert goes out to three people, then the next E-Draft Sent alert goes out to five people, we receive a count of 8 rather than 2).


What would be the best approach to ensuring that I am only counting each alert one time?