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Upgrading to Filemaker 17 & current 'buy one, give one' deal

Question asked by stubbsk on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by davidhead

I'm not exactly new to Filemaker but I simply manage an app developed by someone years ago.


I'm in a position now where my team is using Filemaker Pro Advanced 11, and I'm reluctant to update any of our Macs beyond El Capitan. I know it will probably be fine, but as time goes by we're probably going to be pushing our luck.


So my plan is to upgrade to the latest version and convert our app, in tests everything looks fine, so I'm happy to make the move.


However, we're only a small team so I was thinking of buying the individual license. But I just wanted to clarify:

  • With one license can we have five concurrent users browsing, editing and creating records?
  • Given the current buy one get give one offer, could we keep both and use them for the same solution, allowing for up to ten users? (on very rare occasions six of us might need to connect at the same time, so it would be handy)
  • And if we can use both licenses, is it pretty straightforward?


I feel like these are dumb questions, but our current setup is with the old method of one serial per user, so I just want to be certain before changing anything.