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accessing data from table with 2 relationships

Question asked by fawzikds on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by philmodjunk

I am trying to access data from a portal after i have sorted its parent table, without any success.


I am still learning FM and i am not sure how to phrase my question, but here is what i have and what i am trying to do.


I have a Parent table "Client".  I sorted it in "Client2" using ProgramDesign (Hornnes) method, see (Can i sort a portal with a button? ). Which works fine.


My problem is displaying data from the Child table "Contacts".

I have a Layout (associated to "Client" per manage layouts) with 2 portals, one displays data from the sorted "Client2" parent table occurrence, and another that displays data from the "Client2_Contacts"  child table.  The 2 tables/occurrences "Client2" and "Client_Contacts" are related by  "ID_Client".  However, selecting an item from the "Client2" portal does not result in showing the related fields in the portal of the Child table.  Actually nothing happens in that portal. It still displays the same data that it had at onset.


I am not looking for an actual debug, but some direction into common mistakes or don'ts that i should check for.